Refined technology procurement, whether buying or leasing, is as challenging and quite frankly, as daunting a task as there is in corporate purchasing today. From technical specifications and compatibility issues to upgrades and bundled systems, IT procurement is often a maze that on-line wholesalers such as Buy.com, Amazon, New Egg, and CDW just can't help you navigate. And when it comes time to offer assistance on post-sale problems such as DOA's, technical support, warranty issues or simple order errors, you may as well pack a lunch and dig in for the day to find your answers. At Client Server Technology, our experience, staff and resources makes a big difference.

For over 22 years, CST has developed and cultivated an impeccable network of hardware and software vendors throughout North America. CST's purchasing power not only comes with their longevity and outstanding credit history with dozens of distributors, but also their bulk order pricing discounts that assist businesses and clients of all sizes obtain the lowest costs with the best back end services. In combination with the business partnerships with industry stalwarts such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Okidata & Symantec, CST also helps their clients capitalize on best-in-class pricing from little known marketing discount sources such as internal manufacturer promotions, marketing kickbacks and even third party trade-ins where CST is aligned with several national de-acquisition corporations that specialize in technology asset removal.

From IBM servers/storage and desktops/notebooks to printers, software and all accessories, contact CST today for all your technology hardware and software needs. You'll not only be surprised just how competitive their pricing is but also have piece of mind knowing when you call CST with any questions, problems or support, the answer is minutes, not weeks away.

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procurement In addition to matching almost any online prices for hardware and software, CST also provides personalized, live-person contact if any products are damaged, mis-ordered or RMA's are required...for the same price.