"Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM"

Although this old adage was in reference to mainframe equipment back in the 60's and 70's, today, when it comes to quality, reliability, support and now price, IBM Servers set the standard when it comes to running today's businesses. With all things equal including price, what would you entrust your day-to-day operation with? Although Dell & HP are decent machines in regards to desktops and home PC's, their architecture, reliability and support on the server-side simply pales in comparison to what IBM brings to the table.

For over 20 years, Client Server Technology has run its business and its clients' businesses off of IBM Servers and they are just as strong, if not stronger, today as they were yesterday. IBM's design, architecture, bundled options, speed, storage and back-end service channels are built for running businesses... not for playing games.

Check out IBM's latest products at IBM and contact CST to get a competitive price quote for your business. Whether you are looking to upgrade an Exchange server or migrate your entire server operations, CST & IBM have many server solutions that can fit both your operations and IT budget.


testimonials Although prestige, history and nostalgia might be some of the allure in being an IBM Business Partner, IBM's price, quality, features, support and reliability is why CST has put their name behind IBM for over 20 years.