Network Integration

Stage Two: Tailoring Your IT Budget

This is a massively critical point of the network integration process that surprisingly few vendors address until later stages... and it makes no sense. Plain and simple -- How much is this going to cost? After determining what needs to be done, getting on the same page financially with clients is paramount and that's when CST helps tailor your budget to the project at hand. When you work with CST, they provide different levels of options such as entry, recommended and premium where it is up to the client to decide how much they want to invest their IT budgets. This stage establishes clarity, trust and comfort in knowing there is a fixed cost associated with your network integration project and the details of what is included are clearly illustrated for clients to see. At any time throughout the process, CST allows clients to make MACS [moves, additions, changes or subtractions] to enhance and tailor the project requirements as unforeseen issues can come up. Although CST tries to minimize MACS with a thorough Stage One, CST understands and embraces MACS as providing the best solution is always the key goal.

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