Network Integration

Every successful organization requires a sound foundation on which to build and grow their business upon. Research and planning combined with implementation and testing are critical in all aspects of running a business and this holds even more true when it comes to your network operations. The accessibility, security, speed, accessibility and reliability of your data are all key factors not only to compete in today's market, but also to survive.

At Client Server Technology, there is a detailed, custom process to every new client's network operations and it starts with listening to every facet of their business. From understanding the product or services they provide and day-to-day operations to marketing initiatives and finances, technology can only be leveraged as a true asset in a business if the business is understood from top to bottom.

CST's Network Integration process is broken down into 7 stages which thoroughly outlines the approach taken to address and create the best network solution for each client.

Stage One: Due Diligence

The process begins with a detailed needs analysis with key decision makers in a very open walkthrough forum with a CST Network Engineer. Here, key issues are identified including pain points of current network operations addressing application software issues, desktop/notebook operations, speed, security, storage, printing, accessibility, backup, mission critical data and ongoing support. It is not completed in an hour or a day, rather the process takes however long each key point is addressed, discussed and targeted for resolve. This collaboration is paramount in not only putting CST and your business on the same page, but IT and their company's department heads as well. For most small businesses this stage will take some time to develop an encompassing blueprint that diagrams exactly how the process will take shape including time, implementation, budgets, and ongoing support. Carefully and methodically spending this time on the front-end of the process directly translates to the success of not only the network integration, but for future IT projects, upgrades and changes later.

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network integration All of CST's network integration projects are fully documented so our clients know before, during, and after exactly what their infrastructure's capacity is, what it looks like and where everything is.