CST's Managed Services

Client Server Technology is now offering its most powerful in-house managed network and desktops services to its clients called Encompass. From Remote Network Administration and Security 365x7x24 to Inventory Control, Asset Management & Capacity, Encompass is the most extensive and proactive Managed Networking, Server, & Desktop Service CST has ever worked with and are excited to bring such a complete and proven monitoring product to its clients.

Need to know when to upgrade your server memory? Encompass Tells You.

Need to know what patches are required for you servers? Encompass Tells You.

Need to know what all your desktops OS is running? Encompass Tells You.

Need a detailed inventory of all your hardware and software? Encompass Tells You.

For a low, fixed monthly fee, CST's Encompass can simply make any IT Manager's worst fears or not knowing where they stand disappear. Instead of allocating countless man-hours of time, resources and downtime, clicks of a mouse can now generate the information on your Network, Server, Routers, Switches, Passwords, IP Addresses, Desktops, Notebooks and Printers. In addition to all the high-level pro-active IT reporting, Encompass can also tell you when to replace your HP's Laser Toner BEFORE it runs out. Yea... IT's powerful


managed services Encompass is the one IT network and hardware support service that CST has that not only saves our clients IT budgets by fixed monthly pricing, but also addresses problems before they occur.