Disaster Recovery

When you need us, we're there.

Over the last 20 years, Client Server Technology has provided mission critical disaster recovery services to companies throughout Connecticut. From lightning and flooding to fire damage and hurricanes, CST has the manpower, resources, and coordinated protocol to execute an emergency IT recovery plan in minutes; not days or weeks.

Case in point, over the summer a medium-sized manufacturing client from Meiden contacted CST in dire straights on a Friday afternoon. The servers, printers, PC's, notebooks and even UPS's were all down; the building had taken a direct hit from a lightning strike at lunchtime. Not only was their multi-million dollar operations at a standstill, but their IT/LAN Manager was in Pittsburgh at a remote facility and everyone was scrambling for answers.

In less than a half hour, CST had dispatched their technology support services to the site. Network Engineers, Field Service Technicians and even CST's administrator set up shop in the client's conference room to set up a response center at the client site. In hours, diagnostics were performed, damaged equipment logged and stored, and replacement units were ordered FedEx'd overnight from the west coast since it was 6PM and all east coast distributors were closed.

At 8AM Saturday morning, the equipment started rolling in and images were made and servers began being built. The command center dispatched every technician with a detailed list of installation instructions and by the end of business that Saturday, over 75 PC's, Printer, and Notebooks were restored. That evening, and into Sunday morning, CST Network Engineers worked around the clock to rebuild 6 servers from scratch and successfully re-installed all of the data that was saved the evening prior to the lightning strike. Online and live by lunchtime Sunday, a detailed spreadsheet of inventory for the incoming and outgoing hardware was created for insurance records, and the client was back open for business on Monday morning losing only a few hours of productivity on Friday afternoon.

In our business, a lot of people say they "can" do disaster recovery, but there's a huge difference between companies that can do it and companies that have done it. When you call CST, we've done it.


disaster recovery When losing money, business and credibility every minute your network is down, call for CST's Disaster Recovery to put our plan in place now…not tomorrow or next week. Now.