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Hiring a new full-time IT professional is a very big commitment not only in consideration to the costs of salaries, taxes, workmen's comp, liability, vacation, training, etc., but also the sensitivity of access to information they are handling including product/service information, trade secrets, payroll and financials. Although hiring costs are of major importance in determining adding to your staff, when you add to your IT department, you are, in a sense, giving the keys (access) to your business to a potential stranger.

In seeing a large demand for permanent, part-time IT staffing needs, CST launched CSTaff in 2011 to help clients augment their internal IT staffs or for smaller companies who really don't need a full-time IT professional. The benefits of utilizing CSTaff are not only extremely cost-effective because you don't have to pay employee salaries, taxes, benefits, training, etc., but extremely convenient and efficient where for a few hours or day or a few days a week you can have the same permanent part-time employee on your staff without the financial commitments and constraints. Additionally, you can move, add or change your technicians at any time through CSTaff, so there is no liability, workmen's compensation claims, or potentially uncomfortable terminations that leave you or your business at risk. Simply call us up, tell us what you want and it's done.

All of Client Server Technology's staff has been rigorously vetted and the average length of time they have been employed with CST is over 10 years. Additionally, CSTaff comes with an employment pledge that addresses key points like non-disclosure, non-competition, and client confidentiality where professionalism and discretion are always the standard.

If you are looking for IT assistance or help, contact CSTaff@cstco.com or call us at 203-949-9900 to inquire about our rates, resources and references.


cstaff Permanent part-time network engineers and technicians not only lower your bottom line IT costs, but it also helps maximize your investment by having your own dedicated IT professional who knows your environment, equipment and operations.