Cabling Solutions

There is a lot more to cabling solutions than getting a few spools of cable and some connectors. In order to ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, and administered.

Client Server Technology has been providing voice and data cabling services to its clients since 1995. From coax to copper to fiber optics, CST's cabling solutions technicians work in tandem with client IT engineers to ensure all data and voice options are covered. Beginning with the design/blueprint stage, CST cable technicians identify layouts, drops, and any obstacles and help clients fine-tuner their cabling plans. After the cabling blueprint is drawn out, revised, reworked, and ultimately signed off on, CST's cabling procurement resources enable clients to get some of the lowest CPD's [Cost Per Drop] in the state.

Whether you are looking to add a few data lines to an existing office or completely outfit a new building with fiber, CST has the technical staff, experience and resources to accommodate a wide range of cabling needs. Following are a few profiles of copper and fiber cabling project sizes and locations throughout Connecticut.

Manufacturing Headquarters/Plant
Wallingford, Connecticut
60 Drops/One Location

Manufacturing Headquarters
Durham, Connecticut
32 Drops/One Location

Medical Headquarters
Wallingford, Connecticut
200+ Drops/Multiple Locations throughout Connecticut

Insurance Headquarters
Cheshire, Connecticut
70 Drops/One Location

Distribution Headquarters
Wallingford, Connecticut
30 Drops/One Location

Non-Profit Building
North Haven, Connecticut
30 Drops/Multiple Locations

Insurance Headquarters
Portland, Connecticut
30 Drops/One Location


cabling From running a few additional data lines to cabling an entire office building, CST has the experience, resources and technical staff to accommodate all of your cabling needs.