Thin Client Migrations

Take back your network

The first wave of 'affordable' [$ 4,000/unit] business class personal computers arrived in the late 80's/early 90's with the introduction of IBM's PS/2's and third-parties 286 models. With Windows 3.11 and a slew of new software packages, the hardware was barely ample to run even the most basic of word processing or accounting software packages. But as times changed, technology grew, and mail order 3rd party manufacturers like Dell and Gateway 2000 were in full swing, where hardware outpaced softwares' advancements and by the turn of the new century, PC's, memory and storage costs were slashed where solid business class PC's were easily under $ 800.00. With this power on the desktop plus the Internet's outside element, viruses, trojans, and security in a business environment became the main concern of IT departments everywhere.

Today, with so much hardware muscle and cheap prices for memory and storage, server-based computing is simply a natural fit for today's small business IT. By putting the power solely on the servers and the speed on your network connection, desktops today with traditional hard drives and memory in a business environment can be a thing of the past. Thin Clients [TC] take the hassle of day-to-day troubleshooting and break-fix repair out of the equation of IT support. With TC's, there are no desktop viruses, email Trojans, security risks or data rebuilding. ALL of the storage, memory and speed is network/server driven. If a TC fails, swap it out. If you need to do a software revision update, its all on the server. Need to make sure your staff does data backup? It's done because TC's don't save data locally—it's all on the servers. How about security? Are you concerned of the possibility someone may burn copies of confidential company information? With a TC, there are no DVD's or CD burners and cutting/limiting access is done in seconds on the server level.

In working with CST on a Thin Client Migration, they carefully blueprint all of their client's application, network and system software packages, where CST engineers thoroughly pre-test each program to ensure a smooth TC Migration. Once established, the TC migration takes literally hours; not days or weeks, where once the end-users are acclimated with the new setups, productivity begins.

Contact CST to schedule a meeting to determine if your IT infrastructure and operations can benefit both cost and productivity-wise with a new CST Thin Client solution.


think client migrations By department or corporate-wide, CST's Thin Client Migrations afford busy IT departments the luxury of service in seconds and minutes; not hours and days.