Desktop Deployments

From a 10-person law firm to a 500-bed hospital, Client Server Technology has the experience, resources, technology and staff to execute a range of the most basic to complex desktop deployments that all-sized businesses require. There is a detailed process and methodology that goes into not only planning and scheduling a successful deployment, but also executing the right solution and providing the back-end support that makes end-users comfortable with their new systems.

When you work with Client Server Technology, you gain the knowledge of a staff that has teamed up on hundreds of server, desktop, notebook, and printer deployments. Over 80% of all the technology legwork is performed remotely at CST's staging facility in Wallingford, where all pre-testing, bundling, software loading and desktop requirements are established and asset tagged and logged[if required]. This ensures a quick transition once the deployment begins and enables CST to cut considerable time off of each deployment project. Furthermore, it minimizes both transitional and operational downtime so end user productivity is in minutes, not hours.

If your organization is looking to deploy 5 or 5,000 desktops, notebook or printers, contact CST to inquire about CST's deployment services which can be billed on a daily, weekly or flat rate encompassing project rate.


desktop deployments CST has the process, documentation and experience as either compliments to our client's IT rollout teams, or as the sole company in charge of rolling out hundreds of desktops, notebooks and printers.