Asset Tagging & Inventory Control

In conjunction with internal IT departments and senior management, CST assists many businesses that need to keep track of their IT assets on a continual rolling basis. From servers and desktops to printers and routers, CST meticulously logs all of the technology hardware including information such as:

Once all of the information is logged, CST creates a master inventory list with all the detailed data so both IT and Finance can not only see their specific hardware/software assets, but also helps them make informed decisions when it comes to decide of replacing specific machines or entire departments. CST's asset track service also helps combine like-machines where instead of scrapping or trading in older units, clients may need spare parts to help maintain existing hardware.

CST's Asset Tagging and Inventory Control helps keep businesses organized, on top of their IT operations and helps take the common questions of repairing or replacing aging hardware.


asset and inventory control With thousands of dollars in federal and state IT tax breaks annually, CST's Inventory Control and Asset Tagging typically pays for itself within the first year.