Desktop Services

Premium desktop and notebook services are an extremely strategic compliment to the network integration and maintenance services of Client Server Technology. While most IT support firms say they specialize in both, a PC repair outfit simply doesn't have the caliber of staff or resources to handle higher-end networking issues and many network integration firms can't be bother with lower-end desktop and notebook issues. The difference in working with CST is that CST works together. Internally, CST's network engineers and desktop technicians approach each client by defining their roles and communicating where each of them start and where the other picks up. This teamwork alleviates the inevitable finger pointing about how issues are either a network problem or a PC problem. When you work with Client Server Technology, problems are resolved quickly and professionally because the resources and caliber of experience of CST's staff ensure both network and desktop issues are handled by one group.

In addition to straight break-fix and maintenance contracts for PC and notebook computers, CST also provides a host of specialized desktop services for medium-large sized clients that require an experienced team. Following is a list of the various desktop services CST provides: Desktop Deployments, Desktop De-Acquisitions, Thin Client Migrations, Desktop & Notebook Repairs, Asset Tagging & Inventory Control


desktop services From PC's and Notebooks to Printers and Scanners, CST sells, services, maintains and upgrades major manufacturers like Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Symbol, Toshiba, WYSE & Zebra.