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CST-Wallingford Turns 25!

On May 8th, CST-Wallingford celebrated its 25th year of business in Connecticut. In 1989, CST opened as an IBM mainframe and mid-range systems dealer and repair center focusing on larger firms such as Aetna, Cigna, The Hartford, United Technology's IT peripherals. With the evolution of the PC to the desktop in business operations, CST evolved to incorporate the first computers; IBM PC, XT's & AT's to Connecticut businesses. The first 'desktop' ever sold at CST was an IBM PC; a machine with no hard drive, 2-5.25" Floppy Drives, a monochrome green screen monitor, and weighed in at over 30 pounds. Price? over $4,000 new....$2,700.00 refurbished.

The transformation of the industry was captured and CST's focus shifted to selling and servicing to Connecticut's small and medium-sized businesses where mainframes were replaced by Microsoft/Unix driven servers and desktop applications. As storage, memory and the machines themselves decreased in price, by the mid-90's all of CST's clients were running Client/Server technology...which ultimately became our name.

Today, CST-Wallingford provides a boutique, yet detailed and cutting edge IT service to its clients that demand full-time IT support and operations without the full-time cost of an IT staff. From larger business firms that require assistance on project, help desk, and/or staff augmentation, to smaller clients that want a stable, established, one-source solution to all of their internal IT needs, CST provides an encompassing host of service and coverage plans that cover everything from servers and networks to desktops and security.

With hundreds of manufacturer, vendor, distributor, partner and local business resources developed and established over the last 25 years, CST-Wallingford has remained at the forefront of Connecticut's IT services industry by doing one thing very well: Always being there for our clients.

On behalf of CST-Wallingford, we'd like to thank all of our clients, partners and vendors for trusting and supporting us over the years, and we look forward to the next 25 years by continually growing and evolving as the technology does.

John & Buzz Minickene CST-Wallingford



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