Case Studies


Network, Server, Desktop & Application Infrastructure Solution

Industry: Insurance

Client Size: 100 Users
Headquarters: Middletown, Connecticut
Locations: 7
Project Tasks/Requirements:

A mid-sized insurance underwriting firm in Connecticut with locations throughout New England contracted Client Server Technology to evaluate their current IT infrastructure and recommend solutions to scale their future growth. With limited technical knowledge on staff coupled with outsourcing their network and software development to an independent contractor, it was soon evident this software database was written by a novice and that the network structure was also set up by the same software programmer. Immediate action needed to take place to maintain stability and offer growth.

CST directed a Microsoft software engineer to the account to determine if the application database and data could be retrieved and/or salvaged. It was soon discovered this contractor had no intention of supporting the database, let alone the Y2K issues, where starting from scratch was the only recourse. Working in conjunction with their administration, underwriters and agents, CST comprised a rich information database which provided full functionality, content and compliance with all Y2K and client/server based applications. The new insurance program also needed to be accessed over their future wide area network to enable live data to be shared across multiple locations. In utilizing DCON, SQL and Visual Basic, CST achieved multiple client goals in addressing all the issues that were required during the preliminary Q & A with administration.

As this database project approached completion, CST and the client sat down and identified key attributes and characteristics of who should be the Network and Desktop Migration Project Manager. In addition to the obvious technical experience and strength, this professional needed to possess both strong interpersonal skills as well as the ability to speak to end users with little to know technical knowledge to ask and answer a wide range of questions. This enabled CST to not only understand more of the day-to-day operations, but also foster a relationship that encouraged dialogue on all levels, from executive to clerical. Just as the administrative staff doesn't know how to leverage a corporate merger, the executive staff doesn't know how or where the associated paperwork is filed and stored. This information proved invaluable to the design, set-up, configuration, and documentation of CST's network solution.

By taking the time to understand this insurance client's operations from the top down, the new servers and network migration took place concurrently with their day-to-day business where there was no downtime experienced. Not only did the migration project integrate seamlessly, it also came in under the allocated budget and a few weeks ahead of schedule. CST's back-end services included end-user support acclimating the client to the new machines and software as well as setting up personal preferences for each user. Project closure was achieved after all documentation, procedural, (back-ups, troubleshooting, etc.) and training literature was completed and delivered.


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