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Outsourced Field Service Repair

Industry: Distribution

Client Size: 500 Users
Headquarters: Hartford, Connecticut
Locations: 20 (thorughout CT)
Project Tasks/Requirements:

Complete Field Service Repair Coverage for:

In 1997, a growing distribution corporation located in Hartford contracted Client Server Technology to repair and maintain all the hardware and peripherals of the entire organization; including over a dozen remote retail and wholesale locations throughout Connecticut. From Hewlett Packard Laser Printers and IBM Desktop Computers to Okidata Dot Matrix Printers and Data Products Line Printers, CST was selected to provide detailed repair services that included stocking major parts, complete spare units and providing a 4-hour onsite response time.

To begin, CST assigned a dedicated Site Manager to enable a direct line of communications to the main client contacts. From here, a master parts list was comprised as well as a common problem Q&A to filter out the user-error (non-hardware related) service calls. Additionally, CST internally designated key reorder points for commonly used parts to ensure the 4-hour onsite response time could not only be met, but in many cases, could arrive onsite within 2 hours to swap and/or repair the broken equipment. This, combined with CST's internal ability to adapt its own communications with its technicians and also strong documentation on all repairs performed enabled the client to continue seamless operations, control repair costs, see/replace problematic hardware and plan for future growth.

This was over 6 years ago and today, Client Server Technology continues to provide encompassing hardware repair coverage to all locations, including 6 more locations that were added over the years. In addition to product sales, CST's Networking Division has been contracted to perform new server-based work as well as consulting for future scalability and growth.


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